Was Manuel Jamines an Illegal Alien? Don’t ask …

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” is under fire by a Federal Judge in connection with the US Army’s policy towards the gay and lesbian community, but it also appears to be the unwritten law of the Los Angeles media as the Westlake community continues to struggle with the notion that a knife wielding drunk who threatened a pregnant woman, is not violent.

Media reports of the death of Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old Guatemalan immigrant who “liked to drink, but was never violent,” according to cousin Juan Jamines, have repeatedly referred to Manuel Jamines as an “immigrant,” rather than as a “citizen” or “resident,” terms normally associated with those lawfully in the country.

No newspaper, radio station, tv channel or blog has so far dared to ask the question “Was Manuel Jaimines an illegal alien?” let alone try to answer it. It’s an all too typical example of the liberal democrat brand of  political correctness that’s destroying the fabric of American society as it twists, bends and otherwise prostrates itself to be all things to all men, and ends up being nothing to anybody.

Let’s confront the 6 thousand pound elephant in the room; Manuel Jamines was an illegal alien, just like the majority of those who live in the  Westlake neighborhood that looks like any other city in a third world country.

The evidence? It’s so in your face it’s almost laughable if it were not so tragic. First of all, why refer to Jamines as a “Guatemalan immigrant” if he was lawfully in the country? Second, how many “day laborers” do you know who are lawful residents? Third, and perhaps most significantly, if Jamines was a legal resident, don’t you think someone somewhere would have said it?

Come on all you blowhards in the media, the John and Kens of this world, get the guts to tell it like it is. The person who was out of control drunk on the streets of Los Angeles, threatening people with a knife, ignoring police orders to put down the knife, should not have been in the country in the first place. Say it, I dare you, say that if Los Angeles were not a sanctuary city, if Special Order 40 were repealed, then there wouldn’t have been the need for LAPD to have to shoot Jamines, because he wouldn’t have felt free to act like an ignorant fool on the streets of Los Angeles.

And, maybe, just maybe, if the Federal Government started enforcing immigration laws and securing our borders, Jamines wouldn’t have even been in Westlake to get himself shot, and Westlake might be a decent part of town instead of an embarrassment.

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Frustrated, embittered, cynical freelance hack who can no longer get a job in print media, so have unleashed my talents on the blogisphere.
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