Illegal Alien Shot By LAPD Used Many Names

The LA Slimes is still the only member of the media to state that there is ample reason to believe that Manual Jamines, the 37-year-old Guatemalan national who was shot by LAPD Officer Frank Hernandez, was an illegal alien,

Today, the fishwrap of record (LA Times) sheepishly reported that “… coroner’s officials identified him as Manuel Ramirez based on a fingerprint match with U.S. Department of Justice records. They also found U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement documentation identifying him as Gregorio Luis Perez, with a 1984 date of birth.”

Of course it is entirely possible that Jamines was a lawful US resident, working as a day laborer, using multiple names, and had “documentation” with ICE. It is also possible that he simply chose to reside in that hell-hole neighborhood called “Westlake” where nobody speaks English, where the stores all have Mexican language signs, and the entire place looks like a typical city in a third world country, because it reminded him of “home,” rather than it being a sanctuary city stronghold for illegal aliens.

Equally, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement documentation” could be something other than a report that Jamines/Ramirez and/or Perez was in the US illegally, it could be a record of his lawful status here. But if he was here legally, don’t you think you would have heard that loud and clear a million times?

Of course Jamines, Ramirez. and/or Perez, was an illegal alien, but the PC media are simply too chicken-shit scared to say it, lest they upset the illegal alien community who, according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, are “disenfranchised.” Of course they’re disenfranchised Charlie, they have no right to vote, they have no right to a say in how Los Angeles should be run, they don’t have those rights because they are, illegal.

Now how many more days will pass before anyone in the media has the guts to tell it like it is?


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Frustrated, embittered, cynical freelance hack who can no longer get a job in print media, so have unleashed my talents on the blogisphere.
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