Harris the Hypocrite

“I did not take money from that man …”

Harris condemns taking dirty money, but does the same thing herself

After weeks of attack ads criticizing Attorney General front-runner Steve Cooley over a 2004 campaign contribution from a man who in 2008 was sentenced to a year in prison, the Los Angeles Times reported that Kamala Harris accepted campaign contributions in 2007 from a man sentenced last year to 24 years in federal prison for election fraud.

Worse still, while Cooley had no knowledge of any impropriety in accepting the contribution from Mr. Gill until the federal case was filed, Harris the Hypocrite knew all about the misfeasance of Norman Hsu, who was a fugitive from justice when he made the contribution. According to the Times, Harris the Hypocrite had promised to return the contribution from Hsu but “forgot” to do it. Apparently it’s not that important to the self-styled “female Obama” to be worthy of a line in her “to do” list.

Harris has distinguished herself with her audacious hypocrisy. That she has shot herself in the foot by being the poster child for that all too familiar brand of “do as I say, not as I do” political philosophy is really no surprise; she’s an abject failure at just about everything she touches. She has given us the best possible example of why she’s unfit for public office – she’s either a screaming hypocrite or too plain stupid not to check that all was in order in her back yard before she blew her campaign coffers on an attack campaign that now identifies her as a corrupt, morally bankrupt phony.

Harris the Hypocrite already has much to run from when faced with her dismal record of failure; mishandling a cover-up in the SFPD crime lab, the lowest conviction rate for any major city prosecutor, and a copy cat political ad mirroring the New Jersey AG candidate.

Harris the Hypocrite should bow out of the AG race as gracefully as she can if she wants to retain any shred of credibility in her future role as a public defender – she’s seems to have a lot more in common with protecting criminals than prosecuting them.

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