Kamala Harris – The Missing Millions

$3.7M of Federal cash goes missing on Kamala's watchTime doesn’t move fast enough for Kamala Harris, the progressive San Francisco liberal democrat who is vying to defeat front-running Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley in the November 2010 election to be California’s next Attorney General.

Six months ago Harris, San Francisco’s lackluster DA, was most likely banking on the “Obama factor” to elevate her to higher office. Harris, once hailed as the “female Barack Obama,” is now probably cursing at the calendar as day by day more and more evidence of her appalling record of failure and outright deception comes to light. Even hard core liberals must now be wondering how they could have fallen for a ‘no-hoper’ like Ms. Harris.

Hot on the heels of Harris’s “shot in the foot” attack ad against Steve Cooley over campaign donations, comes the alarming news that Harris could not account for $3.7M in Federal grants that she received.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that when Harris was questioned about $3.7m that she received in 2006, she was unable to explain why  that money was not used to prosecute cases that “fit the program’s criteria,” namely, “reimbursement for prosecuting crimes on behalf of federal authorities.” But the Feds could find no evidence that Harris had spent their (our) money for that purpose.

Where did the money go? According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris had no answer and was trying “to get to the bottom” of how her office obtained millions of dollars from a grant program for prosecution of border crimes that federal auditors have concluded [she] had no right to receive.

Under the Harris regime, San Francisco has been a ‘Sanctuary City’ for border criminals. Realistically there’s no way Harris would prosecute border crimes as that stands in conflict with Harris’s beliefs. Yet it seems that she not only took the money, but could not explain what she did with it.

Six weeks from election day, California voters are getting a rude awakening to the reality of having Harris as California’s Attorney General; she’s already been shown to be a hypocrite and now she appears to be a hustler.

You’ve been warned.

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Frustrated, embittered, cynical freelance hack who can no longer get a job in print media, so have unleashed my talents on the blogisphere.
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1 Response to Kamala Harris – The Missing Millions

  1. Jordan says:

    This is unbelievable. She wants to be the Top Cop and she cheats the Feds out of $3.7M? I cannott understand how she could be so stupid. It’s the.arrogance of hope and change you can believe in, isn’t it? How could we be slo stupid?

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