Sleepy Blog Hosts Battleground for Ipsen’s Last Stand

The Griffith Park Wayist has emerged as the unlikely battleground for the on-going dispute between the 1,000 Los Angeles deputy district attorneys, and a small group who claim to represent them.

The connection between the union and the GPW Blog is at first unclear. However, if you click on the “About” tab at the GPW, it tells you that “Griffith Park Wayists are park users, enthusiasts, environmentalists, and public employees who use Blogger’s secure anonymity to tell the truth without fear of political retaliation” so perhaps the union fits into the “public employees” category even if they are not park users.

In any case, comments posted by anonymous bloggers has revealed an interesting exchange between the union (claimed to consist of 8 members out of the 1,000 deputy district attorneys) and some of the deputy DAs who clearly have issues with the union, particularly its leader Steve Ipsen (who stepped down in April) and Hyatt Seligman who Ipsen appointed to replace him.

The typical exchange consists of some opening remark disparaging Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley’s candidacy for California Attorney General. The remark claims that Cooley has retaliated against the union that represents the deputy DAs that work for him. What’s interesting is that the responses from seemingly “in the know” DAs tells a very different story, one that challenges the very notion that the union represents anyone but a small group of “misfits” according to post #12 on September 16:

“9:38am – As you know only too well, there really is no “DA’s Union” just a bunch of washed-up misfits who don’t like the fact that they cannot have an assignment next door to their home. There are 1,000 Deputy DA’s, there are 8 “Union” leaders, all of whom have personal “issues” with the way the DA’s Office doesn’t revolve around them. Sure, about 300 Deputies joined the Union – most fooled by Steve Ipsen and his promise of “better pay” and “parity” with Orange County. But that has proven to be a false promise, and when everyone found out about Ipsen being a character witness for a convicted sex offender, most “Union” members resigned. The Union thing is a load of BS, and it’s sad that some people cannot be part of a great team, instead of always being part of a small problem.”

For the record, we fact-checked the reference to Steve Ipsen being a character witness for a convicted sex offender, and found this:

When last checked, the only comments on yesterday’s GPW “Another Terrace Morning” were concerned with the battle between the union and the DAs. Very interesting …


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7 Responses to Sleepy Blog Hosts Battleground for Ipsen’s Last Stand

  1. ProtectVictimsOfCrime says:

    Congratulations to whoever has shed some light on Ipsen’s shady dealings. The vast majority of deputy DAs do not want anything to do with Ipsen or Seligman – the guy that Ipsen appointed to replace him. That shows how undemocratic they are – just like a dictator appointing a successor. I don’t want Ipsen, I don’t want Seligman, I want a free election to vote for decent candidates who don’t have personal issues with the administration.

  2. DeputyDA says:

    Here’s another interesting fact about Ipsen – the Supreme Court basically accused him of prosecutorial misconduct in a death penalty case

    It’s no surprise that nobody with any sense of decency wants anything to do with someone who violates due process. This is shameful.

  3. Grade 3 DDA says:

    This blog has gone viral around the DA’s Office. Everyone is talking about it off-line and really hoping that whoever started this will come out and directly challenge Hyatt Seligman and the rest of the schlubs who can’t figure out they’ve been sold a crock of shit by Ipsen.

    Wake up idiots, it’s September 2010, were in a freakin recession – there’s no money for raises, promotions or new hirings, and as was pointed out at GPW, it was Cooley who managed to avoid layoffs and furloughs, not this shit for brains “union” who did nothing except try to tell us that we should be getting as much money as the DAs at the Orange County DA’s Office.

  4. Truth and Justice for All says:

    Why is it that everyone connected with this union seems so creepy? There’s Ipsen with his sex-offender closest friend, and now a little research into Hyatt Seligman, the guy who Ipsen anointed as his successor (like some Banana Republic dictator) turns out to be some kind of pervert who took videos of himself having sex:


  5. joseph says:

    Maybe that blog isn’t quite as “sleepy” as it seems.

    • Tony says:

      Joseph, GPW is anything but sleepy! Certainly seems to have awoken the sleeping dragon. Hyatt’s gonna have some ‘splainin to do about the sex tape thing, then destroying the evidence!!! Don’t think either of those things are appropriate for being the leader of the union, never mind the fact that nobody voted for him.

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