Is Jerry Brown Chicken?

Los Angeles based Talk Show hosts KFI AM640’s John and Ken, who have the largest radio audience in the hotly contested afternoon drive time slot, have been challenging Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown to come on their show and answer questions about his candidacy.

Brown’s main rival, Meg Whitman, had initially declined the offer of some free air time in the hottest radio market, but she eventually went on the show. It’s been over 40 days now since Jerry Brown was extended that same offer, and despite a concerted effort by listeners and Prinz von Anhalt, Brown has declined to subject himself to the kind of questions that Los Angelenos want answered.

For the past week or so, John and Ken have posed the question “Is Jerry Brown a chicken?” and have encouraged listeners to send a chicken to Jerry in the hope that he might ‘man up’ and face the music.

KFI listener, David Berger (former Los Angeles City Attorney candidate), had a better idea. Instead of sending Jerry Brown a chicken, he sent Brown a suggestion for a new Los Angeles campaign headquarters.

Suggestion for Jerry Brown's Los Angeles Campaign Headquarters

Berger’s suggestion is apparently based on a chicken shop that he saw as he was driving home listening to the John and Ken Show. Berger photographed the shop and then ‘Photoshopped’ it to  produce the image above. Here’s the shop as it currently appears at 121 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles 90004:

L.A. Fresh Poultry, 121 N. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles 90004

Berger sent us the following copy of the email he sent to the Jerry Brown campaign:

Hi Jerry,

I thought you should open up a Los Angeles campaign HQ as there are a lot of voters in LA who need to know a little more about you, and what you really stand for. I have found the perfect location for you too; a chicken shop. It’s a perfect fit for you and all it will need is a few signs and Los Angelenos will instantly know what you’re all about.

You see Jerry (I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Jerry’) there’s a lot of us in law enforcement that are very worried that, as governor, you’ll appoint a bunch of liberal nut -job judges like Rose Bird who you appointed in the 1970’s. Do you remember some of the whacky rulings that she came up with? Under Rose Bird, cops couldn’t search trash bins, never mind criminal suspects.

Also, with California’s prison population costing us billions thanks to sweetheart deals with the prison officers union, will your solution be to open the prison gates and let out even more ‘non-violent’ criminals like the guy who killed Lily Burke?

Also, as a homeowner, I am really worried that you will move heaven and earth to overturn Prop 13, causing our property taxes to rise to the point where I would have to sell my home as I can’t afford “Jerry’s New Taxes.” Only problem is there will be millions of other homeowners in the same boat, and millions of other houses on the market for the same reason, so property prices will plummet. I won’t be able to sell my home and I won’t be able to pay your taxes. So what will I do?

Perhaps I should quit law enforcement and open a marijuana shop? Where do you stand on Prop 19? Are you in favor of allowing California to become the battleground for the kind of territorial violence that we see south of the border where the Mexican drug cartels fight for control of marijuana distribution? Do you seriously think that Californian grown weed will be able to compete with cheap Mexican dope? Isn’t it more likely that this so-called legalization will simply expand the market for Mexican marijuana?

Those are sorts of concerns I have, and I dare say they’re the same concerns of many other Los Angelenos. You seem to be a tax and spend kinda guy, and not to bright when it comes to finding solutions to our budgetary crisis.

As you seem so determined not to take advantage of an offer of free air time on the leading talk show with the largest drive time radio audience in Los Angeles, I have to wonder how ‘fiscally responsible’ you really are?

By turning down John and Ken’s offer, you are not only showing us what a chicken you are, but that you really cannot be trusted with our state’s perilous finances.

So, why don’t you go down to 121 N. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles 90004 and have a chat with the owner of “LA Fresh Poultry” and see if you can lease the store for the rest of your camp pain? There’s a sign on the gate that says they take food stamps, so I don’t think the rent will be too much. Oh, but you might also want to take a Spanish language interpreter with you, I don’t think they speak English there.

Meg Whitman has my vote at the moment, because even if I don’t agree with everything she stands for, at least she had the guts to go on the John and Ken Show and have her policies and positions opened up to some scrutiny. So Jerry, why don’t you grow a pair and grab yourself some free air time and answer the questions that need to be asked and answered?

Very truly yours,

David Berger
Former Los Angeles City Attorney Candidate 2009

So, is Jerry Brown a chicken for refusing to be interviewed by John and Ken?


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5 Responses to Is Jerry Brown Chicken?

  1. Go Whitman! says:

    Message to Jerry – if you can’t handle John and Ken, what chance do you think you possibly can have running CA? This is a big state with big problems, and running scared is not a good sign.

  2. Investigate Harris says:

    Jerry Brown may be a chicken, but at least he’s not corrupt like SF DA Kamala Harris. She’s the worst of all possible worlds, and if Jerry manages to get elected, having her as AG means the end of California.

  3. George says:

    Jerry Brown lost the debate tonight. Whitman had answers, all Brown had were cliches. It’s time to dump career politicians where they belong.

  4. George says:

    Why won’t you publish my comment?

  5. Steve says:

    Whitman has my vote!

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