It’s Deja Vu All Over Again – Allred’s Stunt Is Nothing New

While the LA Slimes exclusively revealed the rumor of a big pay day for Meg Whitman’s former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, others in the media were equally dubious of the story of hardship at $23/hr that Nicky Diaz was spinning through her attorney, Gloria Allred.


Gloria Allred parades Rhonda Miller to the media to hawk a story that Miller was "groped" by Governor Schwarzenegger


Well “thank you” America for a free press and a strong First Amendment that allows shady shenanigans to be revealed for what they really are.

Thanks to some truly excellent research by talk show host Hugh Hewitt, even more doubt was cast as to the credibility of both attorney Gloria Allred, and her client. It seems that Gloria Allred has pulled pre-election stunts like the Nicky Diaz stunt before.

Last time it was when Arnold  Schwarzenegger was running for governor.  Amid a flurry of press conference (sounds familiar?) Allred paraded a stunt-actor called Rhonda Miller to the media with claims that Rhonda Miller had been mistreated by Schwarzenegger (sounds familiar?)

Do take a moment to listen to Hugh Hewitt’s excellent interview of Allred, and note Allred’s evasiveness when Hewitt makes the point that the Rhonda Miller case was thrown out of court.

So, is the Nicky Diaz case simply a baseless and contrived frivolous lawsuit orchestrated by Gloria Allred simply to help a fellow democrat and perhaps position herself for a role in Jerry Brown’s administration?

If Nicky’s rumored Puerto Vallarta job and Univision reality tv show are true, this time Allred stands to make a tidy sum as well as helping Jerry Brown.

Jay Leno had an interesting suggestion in terms of what to do with Allred:

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