Help Nicky Diaz!


Nicky Diaz Needs Your Help. Will you be as heartless as Meg Whitman and say "No?"


The heart wrenching story of rags to riches housekeeper Nicky Diaz has captured the hearts of Americans. The Los Angeles Slimes is proud to offer its readers the chance to help Nicky Diaz in the difficult times ahead, as she waits for the big payoff she’s been promised.

Please click here or on the ‘Help Nicky Diaz’ tab above to express your support, love and encouragement for  Nicky and her family. The more money you send to her, the more she will know how much you care.

If you are an illegal alien like Nicky and you have not opened a bank account here in America with forged documents, like Nicky has, you can also go to Western Union and send money to Nicky there.

You can also express your support for Nicky by participating in our poll at the bottom of this page.

El relato desgarrador de la pobreza a la riqueza ama de llaves Nicky Díaz ha capturado los corazones de los estadounidenses. El diario Los Angeles Slimes se enorgullece de ofrecer a sus lectores la oportunidad de ayudar a Nicky Díaz en los tiempos difíciles en el futuro, mientras espera la gran recompensa que ha prometido.

Por favor haga clic aquí o en la pestaña “Ayuda Nicky Díaz arriba para expresar su apoyo, amor y aliento a Nicky y su familia. Cuanto más dinero que usted envíe a ella, más se sabrá cuánto te importa.

Si usted es un extranjero ilegal como Nicky y no se ha abierto una cuenta bancaria aquí en Estados Unidos con documentos falsos, al igual que Nicky tiene, usted también puede ir a Western Union y enviar dinero a Nicky allí.

También puede expresar su apoyo a Nicky al participar en nuestra encuesta en la parte inferior de esta página.

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4 Responses to Help Nicky Diaz!

  1. Steve says:

    Are you guys serious? This has got to be some kind of sick joke. I’m sure Gloria Allred has more than enough money to look after Nicky until after the election, and if the rumor is true about Nicky’s “big payoff” why on earth would anyone send money to Nicky now?

  2. Jerry says:

    She’s a whore!

  3. Mort says:

    You people make me sick. This is a cheap trick to make people believe that Nicky Diaz is a whore just out for money. If you think this will help Meg Whiteman, you are mistaken.

  4. Joe says:

    Noone’s going to give money to Nicky Diaz, except maybe Jerry Brown as a “thank you” for breathing some life into his campaign. Hope she gets more than Gloria Allred’s last puppet, Rhonda Miller. She got used to try to take out Schwarzenegger and got nothing for her trouble – which is more than she deserved.

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