Likely Darwin Award Winner Harold Smith Does Us All A Favor

The Beverly Hills murder mystery surrounding the death of 64 year old Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, took an unexpected turn this week when Harold Smith, a 37 year old convicted felon blew whatever brains he had out just as Beverly Hills Police were about to question him.

Career criminal and general waste of space Harold Smith who did us all a favor by killing himself (credit Daily Mail UK)

Smith was described by Beverly Hills Police as a “person of interest” after they followed up on a tip received by America’s Most Wanted that Smith had bragged about his involvement in the slaying of Chasen.

The UK Daily Mail has some excellent reportage on the current status of the ongoing investigation into Chasen’s death, as well as some insight into the pathetic existence of Harold Smith, who probably had no connection whatsoever to the death of Chasen.

Viz magazine regularly features "Big Vern" a smalltime crook who "Tops himself" whenever questioned by the police.

Readers familiar with the satirical British publication “Viz” will immediately recognize Smith’s actions as analogous to those of “Big Vern,” a cartoon character who routinely “Tops hisself” rather than be taken alive by the police.

Detectives at Beverly Hills Police Department could not confirm whether Smith had ever read Viz magazine or was familiar with Big Vern. However, sources close to the investigation believe Smith may have viewed Viz online and have identified with Big Vern.

Smith’s last stand at the seedy Harold Apartments in Hollywood did everyone a huge favor. There is now one less piece of human garbage to clog up the criminal justice system.

California’s prison overcrowding could easily be solved if more criminals like Smith “topped” themselves when confronted by the police. Perhaps California’s newly elected Attorney General, Kamala Harris, should develop a program whereby more institutionalized career criminals could be surreptitiously encouraged to follow the example set by Smith by supplying inmates with a free subscription to Viz? Just a suggestion…

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