The Shape of Crime To Come – Electronic Pickpockets

OK, this is not a Los Angeles story, yet.

Memphis, TN’s WREG Channel 3 News investigative journalist Scott Noll has broken this chilling story on his “On Your Side Investigators”  news segment.

WREG’s On Your Side Investigators took RFID Security Expert Walt Augustinowicz of Identity Stronghold for a leisurely stroll down Beale Street in Memphis.

Armed with an inconspicuous card reader and notebook PC, Augustinowicz was easily able to read the credit card numbers and expiration dates of credit cards in passerby’s wallets and purses. It’s frighteningly easy to be electronically pickpocketed, and it looks like this new RFID technology has some major security flaws.

Just imagine a crowed LA Mall amid the pre-Christmas shopping crush, and an inconspicuous man or woman with a concealed card reader, and we’ll have an identity theft and credit card fraud nightmare on our hands.

Thanks to WREG’s On Your Side Investigator Scott Noll for breaking this important story.

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Frustrated, embittered, cynical freelance hack who can no longer get a job in print media, so have unleashed my talents on the blogisphere.
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