Rags to Riches Rumored for Naughty Nicky

Rumors are rife that a deal has been brokered to guarantee a rosy future for Nicky Diaz, the illegal alien housekeeper who accused California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman of employing her for nine years and then refusing to “help” when confronted with her illegal status.

Nicky Diaz and Los Angeles Attorney Gloria Allred

Diaz was fired by Whitman in June 2009, after admitting that she was an “illegal” and had lied in her job application using a forged driver license and social security card.

Nicky's Forged Driver License and Social Security Card

According to Nicky’s attorney, Gloria Allred, Diaz had been unable to find work, and was depressed and desperate.
Allred stated that Diaz had asked Meg Whitman for “help” in becoming a legal citizen, however, Allred refused to answer questions as to exactly what type of “help” was legally available.

Immigration law experts have opined that a person in the same position as Diaz (who cannot claim asylum based on a threat to her life), has only one option; return to Mexico and apply for residency, a process that takes time and money, neither of which Diaz had since losing her $23/hour job as Whitman’s housekeeper.

Although there is no doubt that Whitman, the billionaire former eBay CEO, could have paid Diaz, Allred made it clear that Whitman had refused to do so. Diaz, it seems, had no choice but to go public with her story, no doubt in the hope that the considerable embarrassment and disruption to Meg Whitman’s campaign would be appreciated by democrats who are supporting Whitman’s main rival, Jerry Brown.

Rumors now circulating indicate that a wealthy democrat fundraiser has indeed agreed to pay Nicky a lump sum of $50,000 to help with her moving costs, and employ her as a housekeeper at a luxurious Puerto Vallarta villa. The resort, known as the Mexican millionaires paradise, has become popular with wealthy Americans because it offers the privacy and luxury not easily available in the US, as well as private security to insulate residents from the Mexican drug cartels that often prey on visitors.


Million Dollar Mansion Size Villa In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Villa at Night

The kind of luxury villa that will become home to Nicky and her husband Jesus Santillan and their two children is located in one of the most exclusive parts of Puerto Vallarta and features at least:
▪    3 bedrooms with ocean views,
▪    separate guest cottage which can be used as staff quarters,
▪    an infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi,
▪    two car garage,
▪    satellite tv, and,
▪    a security system.

Infinity Swimming Pool with Ocean View

It is not clear whether Diaz will continue to be paid the $23/hour she earned working for Whitman, however, as most Mexican workers with Diaz’s skill set do not make $23 a week, she will be unlikely to complain of the pay or the hours, as was the case with Whitman.

At around 4,000 square feet, this type of villa is slightly larger than the 3,700 sq.ft. Whitman residence where Diaz worked, however, as owners of these villas only stay there occasionally (usually for long weekends), Diaz will have a lot of time to herself and her family to enjoy their new lifestyle.

One big difference for Diaz will be the kind of visitors she will find herself serving. Villas in this area are frequently used for highly private visits from persons such as former US President Bill Clinton and Irish music millionaire Bono of U2, as well as other important figures in the entertainment industry and financial markets.

Diaz will have to adapt to driving more expensive and luxurious cars when ferrying her new boss and his guests to and from the airport, or running errands. Her old Ford Aerostar Minivan will seem a lifetime away from the Cadillac Escalade EXT typically favored by Puerto Vallarta’s elite.

Tennis pro Anna Kournikova (above) drives a Cadillac Escalade EXT, and the vehicle is a popular choice for other celebrities in the resort.

Because the otherwise fairly mundane story of one as many as 12 million illegal aliens believed to be living in the US has become a national, if not international news event, Nicky and Jesus are highly likely to become celebrities in their own right in Mexico.

This could prompt with Mexican language TV stations like Univision to offer them their own reality tv show.

Producers are probably already pitching the idea of a show based around the hardships and obstacles that Nick and Jesus will face as they adapt to their return to Mexico as heroes having scored big in the American dream that inspires so many to cross the border in search of the good life. The payoff for Nicky could be huge, allowing her to earn enough to own her own villa and leave the life of servitude forever.

Nicky and Jesus are most likely excited and optimistic regarding their new found fortune and lifestyle amongst the liberal elite who can afford a standard of living far beyond the hopes of many. There is also a deeply appreciation for the way Nicky’s story moved millions of Americans to better understand the exploitation of illegal immigrants in “the land of the free.”

But above all else must be the service Nicky and her attorney have done for Jerry Brown’s campaign, and should Brown win the November election, Jerry is certain not to forget the help they’ve given his campaign, and a lavish party in Nicky’s honor would be a fitting ‘thank you’ for her service.

News of Nicky and Jesus’s new fortune is virtually guaranteed to keep the story alive in the final weeks of the election, and is therefore likely to achieve even more coverage than her first news conference. It certainly has been a week of remarkable turnarounds in fortune for Nicky, Jesus and Jerry.

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Is Jerry Brown Chicken?

Los Angeles based Talk Show hosts KFI AM640’s John and Ken, who have the largest radio audience in the hotly contested afternoon drive time slot, have been challenging Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown to come on their show and answer questions about his candidacy.

Brown’s main rival, Meg Whitman, had initially declined the offer of some free air time in the hottest radio market, but she eventually went on the show. It’s been over 40 days now since Jerry Brown was extended that same offer, and despite a concerted effort by listeners and Prinz von Anhalt, Brown has declined to subject himself to the kind of questions that Los Angelenos want answered.

For the past week or so, John and Ken have posed the question “Is Jerry Brown a chicken?” and have encouraged listeners to send a chicken to Jerry in the hope that he might ‘man up’ and face the music.

KFI listener, David Berger (former Los Angeles City Attorney candidate), had a better idea. Instead of sending Jerry Brown a chicken, he sent Brown a suggestion for a new Los Angeles campaign headquarters.

Suggestion for Jerry Brown's Los Angeles Campaign Headquarters

Berger’s suggestion is apparently based on a chicken shop that he saw as he was driving home listening to the John and Ken Show. Berger photographed the shop and then ‘Photoshopped’ it to  produce the image above. Here’s the shop as it currently appears at 121 N. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles 90004:

L.A. Fresh Poultry, 121 N. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles 90004

Berger sent us the following copy of the email he sent to the Jerry Brown campaign:

Hi Jerry,

I thought you should open up a Los Angeles campaign HQ as there are a lot of voters in LA who need to know a little more about you, and what you really stand for. I have found the perfect location for you too; a chicken shop. It’s a perfect fit for you and all it will need is a few signs and Los Angelenos will instantly know what you’re all about.

You see Jerry (I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Jerry’) there’s a lot of us in law enforcement that are very worried that, as governor, you’ll appoint a bunch of liberal nut -job judges like Rose Bird who you appointed in the 1970’s. Do you remember some of the whacky rulings that she came up with? Under Rose Bird, cops couldn’t search trash bins, never mind criminal suspects.

Also, with California’s prison population costing us billions thanks to sweetheart deals with the prison officers union, will your solution be to open the prison gates and let out even more ‘non-violent’ criminals like the guy who killed Lily Burke?

Also, as a homeowner, I am really worried that you will move heaven and earth to overturn Prop 13, causing our property taxes to rise to the point where I would have to sell my home as I can’t afford “Jerry’s New Taxes.” Only problem is there will be millions of other homeowners in the same boat, and millions of other houses on the market for the same reason, so property prices will plummet. I won’t be able to sell my home and I won’t be able to pay your taxes. So what will I do?

Perhaps I should quit law enforcement and open a marijuana shop? Where do you stand on Prop 19? Are you in favor of allowing California to become the battleground for the kind of territorial violence that we see south of the border where the Mexican drug cartels fight for control of marijuana distribution? Do you seriously think that Californian grown weed will be able to compete with cheap Mexican dope? Isn’t it more likely that this so-called legalization will simply expand the market for Mexican marijuana?

Those are sorts of concerns I have, and I dare say they’re the same concerns of many other Los Angelenos. You seem to be a tax and spend kinda guy, and not to bright when it comes to finding solutions to our budgetary crisis.

As you seem so determined not to take advantage of an offer of free air time on the leading talk show with the largest drive time radio audience in Los Angeles, I have to wonder how ‘fiscally responsible’ you really are?

By turning down John and Ken’s offer, you are not only showing us what a chicken you are, but that you really cannot be trusted with our state’s perilous finances.

So, why don’t you go down to 121 N. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles 90004 and have a chat with the owner of “LA Fresh Poultry” and see if you can lease the store for the rest of your camp pain? There’s a sign on the gate that says they take food stamps, so I don’t think the rent will be too much. Oh, but you might also want to take a Spanish language interpreter with you, I don’t think they speak English there.

Meg Whitman has my vote at the moment, because even if I don’t agree with everything she stands for, at least she had the guts to go on the John and Ken Show and have her policies and positions opened up to some scrutiny. So Jerry, why don’t you grow a pair and grab yourself some free air time and answer the questions that need to be asked and answered?

Very truly yours,

David Berger
Former Los Angeles City Attorney Candidate 2009

So, is Jerry Brown a chicken for refusing to be interviewed by John and Ken?

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Cooley Crushes City Corruption – 8 Arrested in Bell City Sallarygate Scandal

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley today announced the arrest of 8 persons believed to be involved in an alleged $5.5M misappropriation of funds scandal. The 8 arrested are both current and former City of Bell officials.

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley Announces Arrest of Bell City Officials

Cooley, a candidate for California Attorney General in the November 2010 General Election, denied that the arrests were in any way connected to his political campaign.

The Bell City 8 includes former City Manager Robert Rizzo

In sharp contrast, and frankly bordering on the comedic, Cooley’s opponent in the November election, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, a liberal democrat, also made an announcement to the press; she was going to prosecute a couple of ‘street people’ for selling transfer tickets for San Francisco’s mass transit system. “This is not a victimless crime,” Harris said in a statement to the San Francisco Examiner.

Harris Has The Lowest Conviction Rate of Any Major California City

Hopefully, Ms. Harris will have more success prosecuting fare dodgers than murderers. The San Francisco Weekly recently reported that Harris has the lowest conviction rate of any major California City – 55%, which stands in contrast to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s conviction rate of 93%.

With six weeks to election day, today’s announcements lends further support for the poll figures showing Steve Cooley to be the likely winner in the bid for Attorney General, and based on the contrasts in their attitudes toward law enforcement, it’s not really surprising; fare dodgers or five and a half million dollar fraudsters. Who do you want as Attorney General?

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Sleepy Blog Hosts Battleground for Ipsen’s Last Stand

The Griffith Park Wayist has emerged as the unlikely battleground for the on-going dispute between the 1,000 Los Angeles deputy district attorneys, and a small group who claim to represent them.

The connection between the union and the GPW Blog is at first unclear. However, if you click on the “About” tab at the GPW, it tells you that “Griffith Park Wayists are park users, enthusiasts, environmentalists, and public employees who use Blogger’s secure anonymity to tell the truth without fear of political retaliation” so perhaps the union fits into the “public employees” category even if they are not park users.

In any case, comments posted by anonymous bloggers has revealed an interesting exchange between the union (claimed to consist of 8 members out of the 1,000 deputy district attorneys) and some of the deputy DAs who clearly have issues with the union, particularly its leader Steve Ipsen (who stepped down in April) and Hyatt Seligman who Ipsen appointed to replace him.

The typical exchange consists of some opening remark disparaging Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley’s candidacy for California Attorney General. The remark claims that Cooley has retaliated against the union that represents the deputy DAs that work for him. What’s interesting is that the responses from seemingly “in the know” DAs tells a very different story, one that challenges the very notion that the union represents anyone but a small group of “misfits” according to post #12 on September 16:

“9:38am – As you know only too well, there really is no “DA’s Union” just a bunch of washed-up misfits who don’t like the fact that they cannot have an assignment next door to their home. There are 1,000 Deputy DA’s, there are 8 “Union” leaders, all of whom have personal “issues” with the way the DA’s Office doesn’t revolve around them. Sure, about 300 Deputies joined the Union – most fooled by Steve Ipsen and his promise of “better pay” and “parity” with Orange County. But that has proven to be a false promise, and when everyone found out about Ipsen being a character witness for a convicted sex offender, most “Union” members resigned. The Union thing is a load of BS, and it’s sad that some people cannot be part of a great team, instead of always being part of a small problem.”

For the record, we fact-checked the reference to Steve Ipsen being a character witness for a convicted sex offender, and found this: 

When last checked, the only comments on yesterday’s GPW “Another Terrace Morning” were concerned with the battle between the union and the DAs. Very interesting …

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Kamala Harris – The Missing Millions

$3.7M of Federal cash goes missing on Kamala's watchTime doesn’t move fast enough for Kamala Harris, the progressive San Francisco liberal democrat who is vying to defeat front-running Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley in the November 2010 election to be California’s next Attorney General.

Six months ago Harris, San Francisco’s lackluster DA, was most likely banking on the “Obama factor” to elevate her to higher office. Harris, once hailed as the “female Barack Obama,” is now probably cursing at the calendar as day by day more and more evidence of her appalling record of failure and outright deception comes to light. Even hard core liberals must now be wondering how they could have fallen for a ‘no-hoper’ like Ms. Harris.

Hot on the heels of Harris’s “shot in the foot” attack ad against Steve Cooley over campaign donations, comes the alarming news that Harris could not account for $3.7M in Federal grants that she received.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that when Harris was questioned about $3.7m that she received in 2006, she was unable to explain why  that money was not used to prosecute cases that “fit the program’s criteria,” namely, “reimbursement for prosecuting crimes on behalf of federal authorities.” But the Feds could find no evidence that Harris had spent their (our) money for that purpose.

Where did the money go? According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris had no answer and was trying “to get to the bottom” of how her office obtained millions of dollars from a grant program for prosecution of border crimes that federal auditors have concluded [she] had no right to receive.

Under the Harris regime, San Francisco has been a ‘Sanctuary City’ for border criminals. Realistically there’s no way Harris would prosecute border crimes as that stands in conflict with Harris’s beliefs. Yet it seems that she not only took the money, but could not explain what she did with it.

Six weeks from election day, California voters are getting a rude awakening to the reality of having Harris as California’s Attorney General; she’s already been shown to be a hypocrite and now she appears to be a hustler.

You’ve been warned.

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Harris the Hypocrite

“I did not take money from that man …”

Harris condemns taking dirty money, but does the same thing herself

After weeks of attack ads criticizing Attorney General front-runner Steve Cooley over a 2004 campaign contribution from a man who in 2008 was sentenced to a year in prison, the Los Angeles Times reported that Kamala Harris accepted campaign contributions in 2007 from a man sentenced last year to 24 years in federal prison for election fraud.

Worse still, while Cooley had no knowledge of any impropriety in accepting the contribution from Mr. Gill until the federal case was filed, Harris the Hypocrite knew all about the misfeasance of Norman Hsu, who was a fugitive from justice when he made the contribution. According to the Times, Harris the Hypocrite had promised to return the contribution from Hsu but “forgot” to do it. Apparently it’s not that important to the self-styled “female Obama” to be worthy of a line in her “to do” list.

Harris has distinguished herself with her audacious hypocrisy. That she has shot herself in the foot by being the poster child for that all too familiar brand of “do as I say, not as I do” political philosophy is really no surprise; she’s an abject failure at just about everything she touches. She has given us the best possible example of why she’s unfit for public office – she’s either a screaming hypocrite or too plain stupid not to check that all was in order in her back yard before she blew her campaign coffers on an attack campaign that now identifies her as a corrupt, morally bankrupt phony.

Harris the Hypocrite already has much to run from when faced with her dismal record of failure; mishandling a cover-up in the SFPD crime lab, the lowest conviction rate for any major city prosecutor, and a copy cat political ad mirroring the New Jersey AG candidate.

Harris the Hypocrite should bow out of the AG race as gracefully as she can if she wants to retain any shred of credibility in her future role as a public defender – she’s seems to have a lot more in common with protecting criminals than prosecuting them.

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Illegal Alien Shot By LAPD Used Many Names

The LA Slimes is still the only member of the media to state that there is ample reason to believe that Manual Jamines, the 37-year-old Guatemalan national who was shot by LAPD Officer Frank Hernandez, was an illegal alien,

Today, the fishwrap of record (LA Times) sheepishly reported that “… coroner’s officials identified him as Manuel Ramirez based on a fingerprint match with U.S. Department of Justice records. They also found U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement documentation identifying him as Gregorio Luis Perez, with a 1984 date of birth.”

Of course it is entirely possible that Jamines was a lawful US resident, working as a day laborer, using multiple names, and had “documentation” with ICE. It is also possible that he simply chose to reside in that hell-hole neighborhood called “Westlake” where nobody speaks English, where the stores all have Mexican language signs, and the entire place looks like a typical city in a third world country, because it reminded him of “home,” rather than it being a sanctuary city stronghold for illegal aliens.

Equally, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement documentation” could be something other than a report that Jamines/Ramirez and/or Perez was in the US illegally, it could be a record of his lawful status here. But if he was here legally, don’t you think you would have heard that loud and clear a million times?

Of course Jamines, Ramirez. and/or Perez, was an illegal alien, but the PC media are simply too chicken-shit scared to say it, lest they upset the illegal alien community who, according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, are “disenfranchised.” Of course they’re disenfranchised Charlie, they have no right to vote, they have no right to a say in how Los Angeles should be run, they don’t have those rights because they are, illegal.

Now how many more days will pass before anyone in the media has the guts to tell it like it is?

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